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About Seven Star International Education

About Seven Star International Education


The Seven Star International Education started education especially about the IT from 1994. Lately it is each year, offers International Career Technical Education (ICTE) programs at Antalya Vocational and  Technical Anatolia High School and Antalya Vocational and  Kepez  Anatolia High School. These programs are designed to prepare students for a broad range of employment and post secondary  educational opportunities. Some programs are only taught at one high school but all ICTE programs are available to students from both high schools.

A ten-year follow up study has found that the most successful high school graduates were those who took a solid college-prep program and a International Career Technical Education program of study. ICTE programs are staffed by teachers with related business and industry experiences that enhances the learning process with real-world relevance.


The Seven Star International Education support one year student visa for each students. After one year, each student must be turn to their own country. After graduating from Turkish schools they have a lot of options including returning back to home with having highly experienced and a widely accepted diploma for finding a job easily.


Turkey is a place where you can find affordable education. Tuition and cost of living are lower than in most European countries and the U.S. Also low tution fee.

The Seven Star International Education provide for one year accommodation with all furnitures, every conceivable gadget and one year health insurance  free for every students.  It must be ready to welcome and transfer all students when they land to airport and arranged all courses, teachers, tools and translator (if necessary) before student leave their country.

You will find libraries and advanced laboratories in which you can search for and acquire knowledge. With sports and cultural facilities, student clubs and dormitories you will enjoy being a student in Turkey.

After finishing the ICTE, All students takes their international certificate and use it all the World. After that all student has own special profession and can find job in every country. Although just taking ICTE Information Technology can be open own repair shop.

The Seven Star International Education gives all students satisfaction
guarantee at the end of the ICTE.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Ismael Doganay

Founder & General Manager

Batuhan Doganay

Education and Tourism Manager

Sevinc Doganay

Financial Manager

I have master degree about International business and I can make this business better.

 I have tourism management license degree and I arrange students for their education in Turkey.

Our Certificates

Nora Belilid


 I'll help every students about their education in Turkey

Mert Yerli

Marketing Manager

Fatimah Keskin


 I'll help every students about their education in Turkey

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